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The New Alternative King Pin Repair Kit

Steer King is proud to offer its specialty line of no-ream king pin repair kits.  Every kit comes complete with industry leading warranties, competitive pricing and fast friendly customer service.  Quality-controlled high-performance materials and processes make Steer King no-ream king pin kits a value-added line for repair shops to stock.  The full product line and new downloadable catalog.

Steer King no-ream kits have an extremely long life and help shops increase revenue with a quicker installation and reduced down-time.  A clear-cut hassle-free install allows shops to move more rigs through their bays increasing daily productivity.  By ensuring parts are a true-fit and keeping components clean and organized in the easy-open shop-ready box, techs and DIY drivers can get their trucks back on the road quickly.  Critical dimensions are 100% inspected and maintain tight tolerances on both king pins and bushings in a kit.  This eliminates side to side inconsistencies and reduces repair time.  The new bi-directional grease seals are designed specifically to keep grease in and contaminates out while eliminating any second-guessing of top or bottom orientation.  Every kit comes with bearings that are machine pre-packed with premium grease allowing for increased lubrication and extended wear resistance.  These features all add up to increased part life and a faster installation.


Steer King is a specialty parts manufacturer founded by George Sturmon who has a record of engineering proven game-changing products for the heavy duty industry.  Launched in 2015 in response to growing industry demand for competitive aftermarket solutions, Steer King plans to continue growing the king pin line, develop additional high-wear specialty parts and is currently expanding warehouse operations in Washington, Oregon and Texas.

Based in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks, the “Heartland of America”, Steer King is positioned at a central shipping crossroads to anywhere in the US.  Steer King’s customers range from small independent truck shops to leading heavy duty dealers and distributors.  Steer King offers same-day shipping, a low pre-paid freight limit and single kit replacement parts.  Ground shipping typically arrives anywhere in the US in 3 days or less.  Expedited shipping is available.  National sales representatives are listed online.